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Beloved Black Theatre Artists (of the Greater Philadelphia Community)


We know you know. This is not new. We can go on and on into the tragedies that have befallen us. It has been rehashed time and time again. Our stories of micro- and macro aggressions are many and varied. Let us take these stories and inform how we move forward and heal.


We have come together to voice and bear witness to the blight that has taken hold of our community. Our purpose is to be a shelter and shield for Black artists, not a medium or buffer for non-Black theatre. The American theatre system has been a garden of diversity -- that has not been properly tended. We stand together to eradicate these weeds from our beloved garden and fertilize the flowers of equity, safety and trust. 



To the non-Black community member; we know you’re reading this. If you are choosing to be an ally, if you’re serious about your allyship, you will reach out. You will support. We don’t exist to help you!


The Black Theatre Alliance of Philadelphia exists to help Black theatre artists. 


We endeavor to support and to provide a network for Black theatre artists, and to unify our resources for a common goal -- the radical love and uplifting of our Black Theatre Community. 


Let’s spread radical amounts of love and healing.

Let’s create spaces for Black creative freedom.

Let’s define the balance of grace and accountability.

Let’s find transformative justice that leads us to a future that we’re happy to share.

Let’s build and ensure fiscal opportunities for us.

Let’s grow our network -- let’s bring more to the cookout.

Let’s provide resources for us to succeed.

Let’s curate experiences that provide knowledge for Black artists.

Let’s celebrate our work, our events. LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING!


Please know that we want to hear from ALL of our Black artists in the community; we need you. Please reach out to any one of us to voice your concerns, desires and goals. Your input will help us develop a nuanced, and comprehensive plan of action, support, and healing.


The work continues…and we need to do it together. 


With profound love and respect,

The BTAP Steering Committee

“I think it is healing behavior, to look at something so broken and see the possibility and wholeness in it.”

 - adrienne maree brown, 

“Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds”

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