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BTAP Mentorship Initiative


The BTAP Mentorship Initiative is a fresh approach to aiding emerging Black artists in achieving their careers as professional working artists in Philadelphia.

This program will match emerging artists with seasoned mid-career and veteran Black artists who are able to offer guidance and counsel to mentee artists. Through networking opportunities, quarterly meet-ups, workshops, the BTAP Mentorship Initiative hopes to create a stronger, creatively resourceful coalition of Black artists in the Greater Philadelphia area.


• Mentees must be 18 years or older to apply.

• The initiative begins April 5, 2021, and ends March 31, 2022.

• We are looking to begin our inaugural campaign with 5 mentees and 5 matching mentors.



Opening—March 9, 2021 @12:00pm

Closing—March 22, 2021 @11:59pm


In an effort to show appreciation of Black artists’ time and commitment, BTAP will offer a $200.00 grant to mentees and a $600.00 stipend to mentors for the year-long commitment.

If you're in a position to donate to the mentorship, please consider a gift to BTAP.

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